Apple Working On New Curved 5" iPhone 6

Written by David Richards     11/11/2013 | 08:20 | Category: INDUSTRY

New sources have confirmed that Apple is developing a larger iPhone 6 with a curved 5" display with some tipping an early 2014 launch.

Apple Working On New Curved 5" iPhone 6

Sources claim that new screen which curves towards the edges of the device is an OLED screen sourced from LG Display.

If the report proves to be accurate, the iPhone 6 promises to be a step into a radical new direction for Apple who in the past have tried to be a leader and not a follower.

Currently Samsung dominate the large screen market with their Not 2 and 3.

Bloomberg claimed at the weekend that Apple is working on touchscreen sensors that can distinguish between light and heavy presses, although that tech, it says is likely to be incorporated in future models.