New Samsung Glowing Dock Spotted At CES

Written by Tony Ibrahim     10/01/2013 | 00:01 | Category: INDUSTRY

Samsung is showcasing a successor to their beloved Galaxy/Apple audio dock.

New Samsung Glowing Dock Spotted At CES

Twelve months ago Samsung unveiled the DA-E750; an intriguing dock for its support of Apple and Samsung devices alike, which also featured a hybridised vacuum tube amplifier.

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It had an on board sub-woofer, produced 100 watts in total and was encased in beautiful polished timber. Between the glowing hybrid amplifier and the mahogany finish, the E750 oozed effortless class and excellent sound.

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Unveiled this time last year, Samsung is now showcasing its follow up and, in a word, it's white. Samsung hasn't yet revealed details but so far we know it's a wireless audio speaker (presumably DLNA and Samsung AllShare) complete with dock, features their vacuum tube amplifier and subtle revisions. For instance, the speakers are now covered with a silver grille; the dock has been moved from the rear to the front and the controls atop have disappeared.

We're not sure if the revised dock continues to support Apple products or if Samsung, whose Galaxy S3 is now the highest selling smartphone, has snubbed their iDevices altogether.

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More to follow.

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