Ultra-Pricey: Nokia 1020, Sony Z Plans

Written by Oonagh Reidy     17/09/2013 | 16:46 | Category: INDUSTRY

Smartphones get pricier: Nokia Lumia 1020 and Sony's new Xperia Z's have amazing specs but far from cheap.

Ultra-Pricey: Nokia 1020, Sony Z PlansNokia Lumia 1020 has just hit Optus - however the new Lumia isnt cheap - plans start at $84, which includes 800 mins of calls and 2GB data. 

But the Windows Phone 8 has super-duper specs: 4.5" AMOLED 1280x768 HD screen, with 41 mp camera, and Full HD 1080p video camera. 

However, Sony's spec-tastic Xperia Z Ultra, which has just gone on pre-order, too, is a pricey number - the cheapest Optus plan is $85 with same allowances as the Nokia. 

It has a massive 6.4" TRILUMINOUS 1080p screen making it the world's skinniest (and largest) full HD phone display, 2.3Ghz Quad Core processor, up to 64GB of expandable memory and runs Android Jellybean 4.2. 

Sony's Xperia Z, also launched at IFA recently, is slightly cheaper, starting on a $67 Optus plan, with 600 mins of calls and 1GB data. 

Both Sonys can be pre-ordered (telesales, in store and online) from today and will hit stores from 1 October . 

The telco has not yet released plans for iPhone 5c, and will do so this Friday when it goes on sale.