Apple iPhone Fizz Evaporates As New iPhone Goes On Sale

Written by David Richards     19/09/2013 | 16:57 | Category: INDUSTRY

Apple's OZ PR team is working overtime trying to drum up interest in the new iPhone 5S with many traditional tech media snubbing store openings. In the past both media and customers flocked to an iPhone launch but not anymore.

Apple iPhone Fizz Evaporates As New iPhone Goes On Sale
The new phones were due to go on sale at 8am today in Apple retail stores, as well as online and through Apple resellers and major Telco's.

However the launch has lacked the enthusiasm which has seen big all-night queues at Apple stores ahead of previous new product debuts. Questions are also being raised as to whether consumers who have queued have been paid or offered free Apple products.

Jimmy Gunawan, from Sydney, started to queue at the shop at lunchtime on Thursday in anticipation for the doors to open at 8:00 the following morning. He was unable to say whether he was paid to be there.

Mr Gunawan said he "really wanted the iPhone 5s".

 While Apple announced that pre-orders had topped 2 million in just 24 hours, executives at Australian carriers have told ChannelNews that interest in a new iPhone "has waned" and that there is not the interest in the new Apple iPhone models as there was with prior models. 

"The Samsung Galaxy S4 generated more PR and post interest than the new iPhone 5S said a Telstra store executive". 

Retailers and carriers are also reporting low stock levels of the new devices.

Apple whose arrogance is now biting them on the bum does not do local press conferences, instead preferring to deal with selected journalists which they know will give favourable reviews and comment. 

Last week Apple unveiled two iPhone models - the 5c and 5s, all journalists got was a US press release amended with local pricing, they also managed to change the name San Jose to Sydney.

In comparison, Samsung ran one on one briefings with journalists for its new Galaxy Note 3, smartwatch and new tablet range. It also ran an extensive press conference and mass briefing session. 

The new iPhone 5c, which comes in blue, green, pink, yellow and white has a retail price in Australia of $739 outright with many claiming this is expensive considering it is what has been described as a "tarted up old phone". 

The higher than expected price of the iPhone 5c - 16GB iPhone 5c at $739 and the 32GB model $869 outright has upset analysts with many claiming that Apple will struggle in several markets around the world. 

As a result Apple's share price is being marked down on September 18th it closed at $US464.68 on September 18. On the September 10 launch, it dropped from an open of $US506.20 to close at $US494.64.

Samsung and cheaper Chinese-made companies have dominated the emerging markets with devices that sell less than $300 or $200, snatching market share from Apple.