Listen Up: Android Get iPhone-Like Dock Speakers FINALLY

Written by Oonagh Reidy     02/09/2011 | 14:41 | Category: MEDIA PLAYERS

Android's get a leg up with Philips Fidelio docking speakers specially for the OS.

Philips has unveiled Fidelio docking speakers for Android smartphones and tablets at IFA Berlin.

The Android docking speakers are almost identical to Fidelio for Apple range, meaning you can dock any device from a Samsung Galaxy S II to a HTC Desire and get the most out of mobile music. 

And the smart people at Philips have got around the fact that Android's models, unlike iPhones, vary in size by developing a three dimension connector design that adjusts to hold any phone in portrait and landscape positions - so always at the centre of the speaker for the best sound quality. 

Users can dock and charge "most" Android phones on Fidelio, say Philips. 

This is great news for all Droid's since, to date, most of the speakers available for smartphone have been for the iPhone variety. Pah! 

And the Fidelio app for Android, will automatically allows Droid's hook up their device to docking station via Bluetooth. 

Fidelio for Android also boasts Philips Songbird media player to sync and play all your music. 

There are several version available: The 30 W Fidelio AS851 which is strong on acoustics and features precisely tuned bass pipes for deep reproduction, and comes with Philips Digital sound processing for distortion-free tunes. 

The smaller 10W AS351 is good for on the go, with battery and AC power options. The clever shielding technology blocks mobile phone interference and AUX-in port at the back allows other devices hook in also.

The Android AS111 is the smallest of the three (pictured above). 

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Philips appears to be going hell for leather on Android OS, revealing plans to make an MP3 player based on the platform, GoGear Connect.

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