Motorola's New Fitness Player Set To Give Nike A Run For Its Money

Written by Tony Ibrahim     18/10/2011 | 22:53 | Category: MEDIA PLAYERS

Motorola has introduced a mp3 player that complements smartphones to become what the company calls the "ultimate fitness tool."


"Moto Actv is like having a personal trainer and DJ at your side," said Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha at an event in New York City on Tuesday.

Roughly the size of a watch's face, the touch enabled mp3 player can be docked onto a wristband, play music, monitor heart rates, calculate burning calories and track distance via GPS. PCWorld report it's also capable of taking phone calls when paired with a Bluetooth headset.

Jha said the Actv will monitor your heart rate and learn what songs motivate you the most. The smallest model will have 8GB of internal memory, store 4,000 songs and feature a FM radio and motivates you with audio tips.

Workout data is automatically stored and synchronised at and can be easily shared with Facebook and Twitter social networks.

Motorola claim the device is ideal for people who walk, run and cycle, is sweat-proof, rain resistant and scratch proof and is compatible with many accessories.

"This was really made for fitness enthusiasts…and people like me, who just want to lose a couple pounds," Jha said.

The device will be available in the states in November from US$249. Expect it to be available here any time after with an even higher price tag.