New Key Design For HTC 10 Leak Reveals

Written by David Richards     30/03/2016 | 07:57 | Category: MOBILE

HTC who are currently shaking up the VR market with their new HTC Vive headset is days away from launching a new top end smartphone.

New Key Design For HTC 10 Leak Reveals
The Taiwanese Company is believed to have returned to using 'capacitative keys' keys in their new HTC 10 which is due to be announced on April 12th.

According to sources the HTC 10 will borrow from the original HTC One smartphone's design.

A purported HTC marketing image for the new handset has been posted to Twitter, apparently revealing the return of capacitative keys.

While the HTC One - also known as the HTC One M7 - featured physical touch-sensitive controls, later handsets opted for software-based controls.

But in the new picture, it's clear that the 'back' and 'overview' or 'recent' buttons are level with the home button, all of which are built onto the bezel.

It appears that the home button will be physical, while the other two buttons will activate through capacitive sensors embedded within the bezel.

The HTC 10 is set to be announced on April 12 at an online event that will be streamed worldwide.

HTC is under pressure to turn out an impressive handset after last year's tepidly received HTC One M9.

The Company is also facing tough competition from the critically acclaimed Samsung Galaxy S7, released earlier this month.