Sub $65 Dual Sim Smartphone With Similar Features To iPhone 5S Set To Hit OZ

Written by David Richards     28/07/2014 | 08:06 | Category: MOBILE

A sub $65 dual sim smartphones that has similar functions to the iPhone 5S is set to be made available in Australia.

Sub $65 Dual Sim Smartphone With Similar Features To iPhone 5S Set To Hit OZ

Manufactured in India the Karbonn A50S has a 3.5-inch 480x320 pixel screen, 512 MB of memory, front and rear camera, 1.2 GHz processor and comes with Android Jelly Bean, it will connect to a 2G, 3G network and has built in Wi Fi and a touchscreen.

Currently available in India the new device is set to go on sale internationally, the UK will be the first market followed by markets such as Australia, South Africa and New Zealand. The device can be purchased by Australians now via the Company's web site. Fonearena is currently listing the new smartphone for $62.

It also has two Sim-card slots which enables the user to swap between different networks using different phone numbers. 

Ben Wood, head of research at CCS Insight, a mobile phone research company told the UK Daily Mail "Ten years ago the technology was expensive, but that's not the case anymore".

'Android has been the great leveller in the market because anyone can install it, while the hardware from places such as China is incredibly cheap and reliable.'

Carolina Milanesi of consumer research firm Kantar Worldpanel said that western nations are only just waking up to the potential of smartphone technology with has been cheap for several years.

She said: 'About seven years ago manufacturers in China started teaming up with chip makers. They took the standard workings of a smartphone and made huge numbers at low cost.' They then attach a screen, a case and a camera and take it to market at low cost.

She added 'So far they have been focusing on emerging markets, mainly Africa and south Asia, but now they are beginning to look closely at mature markets like Australia.'