Samsung To Launch Curved OLED Smartphone

Written by David Richards     25/09/2013 | 15:07 | Category: MOBILE

Last week when I asked Samsung Vice President Tyler McGee when would we see a curved OLED smartphone he smiled and said "wait and see".

Samsung To Launch Curved OLED Smartphone

Now we can reveal that executives at Telstra have already been shown a new OLED curved smartphone with the device set to go on sale prior to Xmas at Samsung stores in Australia.

Overnight Samsung executives said that they will introduce a curved OLED smartphone in October, as the world's top handset maker seeks to set set the pace in the development of smartphonesa ahead of Apple.

Curved displays are an early stage in screen evolution which is shifting to bendable or foldable designs, eventually allowing mobile and wearable gadgets to take on new forms that could radically change the high-end smartphone market.

"We plan to introduce a smartphone with a curved display in South Korea in October," Samsung's mobile business head of strategic marketing D.J. Lee said on Wednesday at an event launching the Galaxy Note 3 smartphone in Seoul.

In January Samsung, which has taken over from Apple as the global smartphone leader, showed off prototype products with a flexible screen and a display that extends from the side of a device.