Optus Open iPhone 5, Samsung S3 Trade In's

Written by Oonagh Reidy     22/09/2013 | 22:19 | Category: MOBILE

Telco letting you trade in almost new phones...for even newer ones.

Optus Open iPhone 5, Samsung S3 Trade In's

Optus open 'Trade In, Trade Up' scheme on very new smartphones including: iPhone 5/4S, Samsung Galaxy S3, BlackBerry Z10, Q10, and giving credit towards future mobile bills. 

Several of the eligible trade in 'old' smartphones are still on sale in Optus stores including iPhone 5 and LG Optimus Pro. 

Trade in your iPhone 4
Optus are also taking handsets trade in's from other telcos also, who then must sign up to an Optus MyPlan, luring new customers from rivals.

People like to have the latest handsets, if they're ready for a new one, want to change from Apple to Android or have a slightly damaged phone, an Optus spokesperson told Smarthouse. The scheme will also be an important "differenciator" for the Optus brand.  

The scheme is also to encourage take up of new smartphones, the spokesperson said, as an army of newbie hit telco town Including:  iPhone 5s and 5c, Samsung Note 3,  Nokia Lumia 1020, Sony Xperia Ultra's. Phew. 

However, it is unclear whether a possible slump in smartphone sales is a reason for the trade in scheme. 

The new iPhone 5s, 5c sales are "not as strong as usual", due to the amount of (non-Apple) options now available to the discerning mobile consumer, multiple telco sources have told Smarthouse. 

The amount of money a trade-in phone will get, depends on market popularity, age, condition of the device, so a Galaxy S3 is likely to get more credit than a BlackBerry Bold 2. 

However, if phone is in good condition, "a couple of hundred dollars" could be knocked off your next Optus mobile bill(s), the rep said. 

Consumers present the device at an Optus store, where staff will do an assessment. 

However, the 'old' smartphone must be needs to be able to power on, at the least.

"Trade In, Trade Up is a first forAustralian telcos, nothing like this has ever been done by an Australian telecommunications carrier.Now is the perfect time for customers to trade in, with so many exciting new smartphones hitting stores across the country," says Rohan Ganeson, Managing Director of Sales at Optus. 

"This offer puts our customers' front of mind by making it cheaper for them to upgrade and making iteasier for them by saving time and hassle of selling their old phone themselves."

Check out trade in list here www.optus.com.au/tradein. 

By trading in, customers can help reduce landfill and waste, with most phones being refurbished and resold overseas.

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