Carriers Snub Huawei 6.1" Phablet Despite It Being Cheap, Light & Powerful

Written by David Richards     17/04/2013 | 12:32 | Category: MOBILE

First it was the Federal Labor Government, who snubbed Chinese Company Huawei now all three carriers are refusing to range the Companies new 6.1" Huawei Mate, which is low cost and a clear competitor to the large screen Samsung Note II.

Carriers Snub Huawei 6.1

Neither carrier will explain why they have chosen not to range the device which is set to be sold exclusively by Harvey Norman. Last year the Labor Federal Government said that they has stopped Huawei, a Chinese networking company, from bidding to supply infrastructure for the new National Broadband Network.

Around the world the Huawei device which was a big hit at CES 2013 is getting rave reviews for its bright 6.1" IPS+ display screen, 1.5GHz, quad-core chipset and its massive 4050mAh battery.

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The device which will go on sale at Harvey Norman for only $449 is $334 cheaper than a Galaxy Note II purchased outright from the likes of TeleChoice.

When you compare the two side by side the Huawei product delivers excellent value for money. It has a larger screen, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of storage (expandable to 64GB) and an 8-megapixel camera.

The big letdown is that Harvey Norman wanted the device configured as a 3G smartphone as opposed to a 4G smartphone, according to Huawei technical staff. This is despite the fact that most people buying a phone from a retailer either buy a prepaid card or want to buy a smartphone outright.

According to Luke Coleman, Communications Director at Huawei, the device will "initially" only be available via Harvey Norman however the company is planning to launch the device at several other retailers and specialist dealers.   

Huawei has built an interface layer on top of the Android OS for the Mate called the Emotion UI.

Using what is called the Me Widget the device allows a user to easily configure applications. The 6.1-inch IPS LCD display with 1280 x 720 pixels delivers a very sharp display and the device is also very fast if not faster than the Samsung Galaxy Note.

Under the bonnet is Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, which is configured with an app drawer, so everything is delivered to your home screens as opposed to separate application windows.

Coleman who was very reluctant to talk about the reaction of carriers to the device said "We don't know why the carriers are not ranging this device, we have spoken to them". 

The Huawei "phablet" which is designed to be a cross between a tablet and a smartphones is wafer thin and light will be available from next Monday.

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