iPhone 6 Catches Touch Disease

Written by Computer Daily News     12/10/2016 | 09:35 | Category: SMARTPHONES & PDAS

It's perhaps not as explosive as Samsung's issues with the Galaxy Note 7 and its battery - but Apple's older models iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are also claimed to have been subject to a design flaw.

iPhone 6 Catches Touch Disease
Apple Insider's Jack Purcher has reported on a class action being filed against Cupertino over what's dubbed the "touch disease" flaw.

First reported by third-party repair centre iFixit, flexing in the phone casing is claimed to see two chips in the touchscreen controller slowly leveraged away from the circuit board. The chips have been repositioned on the iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 devices.

Any repair to these chips would require work to take place directly on the logic-board, a procedure that Apple does not sanction. That leaves only one choice for customers - the purchase of a replacement iPhone handset.