Telstra: 'Taking No (Mobile) Prisoners'

Written by Oonagh Reidy     22/04/2013 | 09:57 | Category: SMARTPHONES & PDAS

Telstra are no longer locking in customers - to overbearing mobile phone contracts

Telstra: 'Taking No (Mobile) Prisoners'

We've all had a mobile we're fed up with but had to deal with for the duration of a two year contract.

The telco has unveiled no commitment mobile plans called "No Lock In" starting at $60 per month, available from tomorrow, 23 April, just weeks after rival Optus introduced Sim only plans starting at $20 .

And like a relationship you're not sure about, you can drop the mobile plan at any time if you wish, with no set time period required. No Lock-In Plans have the same data, call inclusions as Telstra contract plans.

There are also $80 (2.5GB data, $800 calls, text), $100 and $120 plans available.

There are also BYO options if you have your own phone.

But best of all, Telstra will also let you share your Internet data across your smartphone, tablet or Mobile WiFi very soon, Anthea Roberts, Director - Mobile Broadband confirmed Friday.

If you activate a $60 No Lock-In before 1 July, the telco will give you a bonus 1GB of data every month for the life of the plan, so 2GB in total, p.m.

Telstra say they are looking to please the masses, with 80% of Australians preferring not to be tied into a long-term mobile contract, especially the 25-34 year olds age group.

"We've listened to our customers and for many, having flexibility is what's most important. It's about giving our customers more choice without them having to commit for the long-term." 
says Telstra's Chief Customer Officer, Gordon Ballantyne, 

"Over the past few years, more than three million Australians have chosen Telstra as their mobile provider. Telstra No Lock-In Plans give customers who are still considering a switch to Telstra the flexibility to test the network for themselves, without being tied into a long-term contract."

"We also know some of our customers like the phones they already have - either not seeing the need to upgrade or perhaps holding out for a smartphone that hasn't been released yet - so our new Telstra No Lock-In Plans cater for such needs."

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