Dr Telstra To Cure "Bill Shock"?

Written by Oonagh Reidy     01/05/2013 | 16:54 | Category: SMARTPHONES & PDAS

Telstra SMS alerts to cut out "bill shock."

Dr Telstra To Cure

Telstra 's new text alerts will minimise bill shock by keeping customers informed of how much Internet data they're using whilst overseas, it said today. 

 The new SMS alerts would be sent for every 20 megabytes (MB) of data used while roaming. 

It may prevent bill shock, an affliction  suffered by many an Aussie mobile user, when they come back from their hols and discover astronomical bills for even minimal use of their smartie. 

"A growing number of our customers are taking their mobile devices overseas,"  said Tim Webber, Director, Telstra Mobile.

"While most travelers will have booked in vaccinations, organised their passport and bought travel insurance, many don't think to check in with their mobile provider about international roaming."

The telco has also given some handy tips when roaming with their mobile.  

1. Make sure International Roaming is activated. If you've never used International Roaming on your Post-Paid mobile or mobile broadband, then you'll need to have it activated, which can take up to three days.

2. Manage automatic notifications and software updates. If data roaming is switched on while you're roaming overseas you can manage your costs by switching automatic notifications and automatic software updates ON and OFF as required.

 3. Download maps before you go or when using a free Wi-Fi hotspot. 

4. Check current rates. It's important to check the current rates that apply to voice or video calls, SMS, MMS and MessageBank retrieval in the countries you'll be visiting.  Remember that any allowances you get as part of your mobile plan can only be used in Australia. 

Also, just turn your Internet data off, and leave it off.  

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