MyNetFone Launches Mobile VoIP Service

Written by Sarah Falson     23/08/2007 | 03:11 | Category: VOIP

MyNetFone is following Engin and Skype as the fourth VoIP provider to offer the cheap calls over a mobile handset.

Owners of Nokia's new N and E series of mobile phones can download a software plug-in that allows them to make and receive VoIP calls from their handsets via WiFi and 3G.

Engin's product also comes in the form of a software package downloadable to Nokia phones, while Skype offers free Skype minutes to other Skype phones through the 3 telecommunications carrier. A pre-paid service from GoTalk is also in the works.

Called 'MyNetFone On-the-Go', the software client doesn't interfere with the mobile's regular coverage - users can still make normal mobile calls independent of their MyNetFone plan.

Besides allowing cheaper call rates while out and about, one of On-the-Go's biggest calling cards is the ability for users to make phones calls while overseas which are free of roaming charges.

"We are very excited in launching this new generation of mobile service," said MyNetFone managing director, Andy Fung.

"With [this service], customers would be able to have the best of both worlds - great savings and mobility using their mobile device."

Both WiFi and 3G coverage areas are growing in Australia, and Fung plans to work with other handset manufacturers to increase the range of mobile devices that support MyNetFone.

"This is jus the beginning of a new generation of enhanced services that we'll be releasing this year. These new generation services would enable MyNetFone to add more customers and increase the average spend per user," said Fung.

"With the On-the-Go service, MyNetFone is growing into a lucrative, growing mobile market."

Nokia's N80 IE, N95, E90, E65, E61i, E61, E60 and E70 PR3 are all compatible with the software; the flagship N95 costs around the $1,300 mark which will initially restrict usage of MyNetFone's technology to the business end of the market.