Pandora Radio's New OZ Channel

Written by Alex Zaharov-Reutt      05/08/2014 | 11:04 | Category: MUSIC PROVIDERS

Internet Radio streaming sensation Pandora has made its app available on Amazon's Australian AppStore at long last.

Pandora Radio
Australian Android tablet owners, including Amazon's own Kindle Fire, can finally download the highly popular Pandora music streaming app from Amazon's Australian Appstore.  

Pandora is already widely available on smartphones, tablets, PCs and Macs, and was released in Version 5.0 with an Android tablet-specific interface in October last year. 

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Pandora finally available on the Australian Amazon Appstore

Now, nearly a year later, Pandora has made its app available on the Australian Amazon Appstore, which any Android user can buy from in competition with Google's own Google Play store. 

Pandora says the new release "marks the latest investment in platforms that will support the personalised streaming service to be compatible with the full gamut of connected devices on the market, and seamlessly deliver broad listening access."

Talking up Android's status as "the most used operating system across all ages and demographics for the second year in a row", with "one in two connected Australian households adding the device to their arsenal of connected services, and on average, spending fifteen hours a month browsing tablet apps", Pandora is clearly happy its app has another online home.

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Pandora's Android tablet interface

It also clearly hopes some of those tablet hours are spent listening to the Pandora app, especially when reports of 9.4 million Australians using media tablets at the end of 2013 are expect to reach 22 million users by 2018.

Rick Gleave, Pandora ANZ's Director of Business Development said: "In making our app available on the Australian Amazon Appstore, Pandora is providing Australian consumers with yet another outlet to download the service and respond to the consumer demand for multiple options in accessing their favourite apps, across even more optimised platforms. 

"With Pandora available to Australian and International users on the Amazon Appstore, we are continuing to deliver the most positive user experience whether they be in or out of the home."

Stuart Sayers, Director of the Amazon Appstore in Australia, said: "The Australian Amazon Appstore provides customers with instant access to thousands of the most popular free and best-selling apps like Pandora Internet Radio."

Kindle Fire owners and Android tablet owners using the Amazon Appstore can download and fire up Pandora now, as can anyone on other devices who isn't yet a Pandora user, and they can take advantage of a 7-day free "Pandora One" trial.

Pandora's biggest competitors are Spotify, iTunes Radio, Google Music, Beats Music and others.