A Bali Haven That Delivers Fast Internet For Free & A Really Cool Experience

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I'm sitting next to a pool in Bali tapping out a story on a new 7" tablet that's connected to the Internet via a very fast Wi Fi network. Welcome to a new look Bali resort that delivers IP connectivity that's faster than a lot of big brand hotels in Australia, is modern by any hotel standard, while still delivering a great Bali experience.

The Haven resort in Seminyak, Bali, is one of those rare technology gems where the architects seems to have got everything right including the hotels design and the discreet integration of a network which delivers fast Internet whether you're sitting down by the pool with an iPad or using a HTC Smartphone to call home using Skype.

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The best news about this one year old pioneering lifestyle resort which is situated in Seminyak, one of Bali's most sought after suburbs, is that it is modern conveniently located close to the beach and local shopping, and wherever you go in the resort, fast internet access is always on tap at no additional cost.

The Haven Resort which has been built from the ground up to cater for the modern traveller without compromising on the charm of what Bali is best known for offers a choice of rooms from top end villas with your own pool to suites and general rooms that have the latest LG flat panel TV's and fast Internet access via a fibre network.  
Opened a year ago this resort has managed to retain a unique look and feel in keeping with what Bali is all about, by using lots of timber and stone. Hidden behind the facades and local stonework is a network of wireless antenna's which deliver a broadband service that is significantly faster than a lot of mainstream hotels that I have stayed in Australia.

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When you step inside this resort from the hustle and bustle of Bali you feel that you have just stepped into a sanctuary that brings together outstanding contemporary design, tropical landscaping and all the services that you expect from a five star resort.

The only difference is that this resort is available via Flight Centre for as low as $125 a night and for that, you get an excellent modern room with air conditioning, a 36" flat panel TV, Internet access and rooms that just as good if not better than many 5 star hotels across the USA or Australia.

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Having travelled to Bali for over 30 years I have stayed at a lot of properties from the Hyatt to the Inter Continental to The Four Seasons and the Haven in Seminyak is up there with all of them when it comes to service, price and the high quality of the rooms.

Having access to fast Internet that is free in a place like Bali can save you hundreds of dollars. For this trip I took two tablets with me, the iPad and the new Telstra T Tab and my HTC Desire. With all of these devices I had access to Skype which allowed me to call home at no cost or little cost if I used the Skype phone service. I was also able to call my wife from around the hotel using Skype. 

The Villas at the Haven offers seven villa residences of one and two bedrooms featuring private pools and split-level living. 

All villas feature the latest amenities including LCD flat screen TVs, digital audio systems, queen size beds with high thread count linens and custom furnishings throughout. 

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The villas also benefit from a concierge service, which endeavours to fulfil a diversity of requests and requirements. 

The Haven also has 60 spacious suites offering a total of 90 bedrooms in one and two bedroom configurations. The earthy minimalist style suites overlook a trio of swimming pools ensconced in landscaped tropical gardens.

The suites are fitted with the latest amenities including fully equipped kitchenettes, LCD flat screens with cable, digital audio systems, broadband cable Internet and oversize daybeds on the balconies.

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For those who are food conscious this resort has an excellent dining room with a view of the pool at one end and a street view of high street Seminyak at the other. As for the food the choice and the pricing was excellent. If you don't fancy hotel food within minutes of the resort is a stunning French restaurant run by a 3 star Michelin chef where a meal for three with a great bottle of French wine cost under $125, or you can walk across the road for a Greek meal that as good as any you will get in Greece. 
There is also an abundance of excellent local restaurants serving Balinese foods.

For those who like to stay in touch when away this is an excellent value for money resort that delivers the best of both worlds, fast Internet access and a resort that's modern, well run and very Balinese.

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Pros & Cons


A resort that delivers a lot, for a very reasonable price, fast Internet access, modern rooms complete with flat panel TV's and a great Bali experience.


It's a pity the resort is six hours from Sydney or else it could easily become a regular haunt close to beaches and great shopping and the pure culture that only Bali can deliver.