Navman Goes Big With 5-Inch GPS

Written by Mendelson Tiu     15/09/2010 | 23:49 | Category name i.e.AUTOMOTIVE

The Navman MY75T may not have a capacitive screen like the MY500XT, but it certainly makes up for it by sporting a 5-inch screen and bringing more features onboard.

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The unit is made out of hard plastic and sports a black fascia. The unit's menu and capture buttons are located next to the screen (left), while the main power switch is located on top (On/Off/Reset). Other expansion and connectivity ports including the microSD card slot, USB port, AV-in, and cradle slot at the bottom of the device.

Mounting the unit to the windshield is easy, but is still annoying as the car charger had to be plugged into the unit instead of being fixed to the mount.

The unit boots up quickly, which is always a good thing as some users want to put their destination on the device as soon as possible. The main menu consists of 24 icons (Find, My Places, Explore, Traffic, Map, Settings, Phone, Trip Planner, Route Simulation, 4WD Tracks, Travel Book, Scenic Tours, Travel Guides, Media, Google Local Search, Connect, AV, Home, Petrol, SOS, Food, Hotels and Motels, Parking, and Cash), which just shows you what you can do with the unit.

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To get started, all a user needs to do is to press the Find icon. One can now search by keyword, address, city/area, coordinates, postcode, intersection, points of interest, or view recent locations. The virtual keyboard was big, but sometimes we had to put pressure on the screen for it to register as it wasn't a capacitive screen.

Once a location has been found (in this case we typed 'park' on keyword to find Luna Park in Milson's Point), the MY75T offered four different routes - Fastest, Economical, Easiest, and Shortest.

As the MY75T had a large, 5-inch screen, it is easy for users to see the map while driving. Users can see the street names, distance to the next turn, and the route. Users can also see the distance to go, time to go, or estimated time of arrival by pressing the icon on the upper right. Tapping the main map reveals a couple of mapping options that allow a user to add/skip a waypoint, take a detour, view the route, or even cancel the current route.

This GPS device also has real time SUNA traffic, 3D junction views, and 3D landmarks to make trips to unknown places as easy as possible. The unit displayed school speed limits when it is actually time to do so, not like other GPS devices that display a 40km/h limit even when driving late at night or on the weekend. Navman has also included a 4WD mode for those who want to go to camping sites, fishing spots, and other outdoor venues not accessible by car.

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The speaker was loud and clear, but users can opt to use the built-in FM transmitter to stream the audio to your car radio. The spoken instructions were easy to understand and it was able to pronounce the streets without much problems.

In addition to its navigation feature, the MY75T comes with Wcities Travel Book (for Canberra) that provides a list of accommodations, attractions, bars and cafes, spas, restaurants, museum and galleries, and even shopping venues. The MY75T is also preloaded with Lonely Planet's scenic tours and travel guides and provides access to Google and TrueLocal's search engine by pairing the device to a mobile phone.

Overall, the Navman MY75T is a portable GPS device that clearly offers a lot to its users. Whether or not all its functions will be used is another story, but if you feel that it's a bit too much, then you can always go for the lower end models. The MY75T is available now for $449.  

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Pros & Cons


5-inch screen; 4WD Tracks; Lonely Planet pre-installed; 3D Landmarks and Junction Views; Offers various routes; Bluetooth; SUNA onboard; Google and TrueLocal search; FM Transmitter; Quick to boot up; 2 year maps and warranty


There were times when the resistive screen was unresponsive; Interface needs a bit of freshening up; Can only be charged in the car or while connected to a PC