New $279 Aldi Android Phone Comes With Touch, Dual SIM But Be Quick This Is Real Value

Written by Alex Zaharov-Reutt + David Richards     31/10/2014 | 10:46 | Category name i.e.COMMUNICATION

As Apple, Samsung, LG and HTC battle it out in the premium end of the market Aldi is reaping rich rewards by selling value budget smartphones that seriously take it up to the top end of town players.

New $279 Aldi Android Phone Comes With Touch, Dual SIM But Be Quick This Is Real Value
Aldi's latest 3G dual-sim Android launches tomorrow - Nov 1 and at $279 this device delivers serious value for money with a device that has been well thought out and is of an extremely high quality. 

This premium mid-range Bauhn Sphere Android comes with two new sensors, Android OS KitKat 4.4.2, 32GB of memory, microSD slot, a 5-inch IPS touch screen and 2GB of RAM.

Supermarket sales with specials for a limited time until sold out are the speciality of Aldi, it was only recently that the store that is making a name for itself in the value tech market sold 10,000 Bauhn 55" TV's in 100 minutes! 

Aldi's latest smartphone, the Bauhn Sphere AHD5-114, incorporates a new front and backside sensor, a 1.3GHz MT6582 Quad-Core processor, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, dual-SIM (2G/3G), 2GB RAM, 32GB internal storage, 8 megapixel rear auto-focus camera, GPS and an microSD slot that can take an inexpensive 32GB miroSDcard to bring you to a total of 64GB. 

There's also Android KitKat OS 4.4.2, a 2 megapixel front camera, micro USB slot, an 1800mAh battery and a 5-inch IPS touchscreen display.

Sure, smartphones like the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, Galaxy S5 or Note Edge, Xperia Z3 or HTC One M8 are going to have better screens, better cameras and more, but they'll cost around somewhere around 3 times the price, if not more, so when you're paying those prices, you really expect a better-than-premium experience. 

As a mid-range phone, you get value for money performance, which for everyday apps, surfing, phone calls, emails, messaging, social media sites and more is perfectly fine for the everyday user. 

App enthusiasts, hard core mobile gamers, those wanting to truly replace a good pocket camera with an absolutely fantastic camera and those who are happy to spend the money or go on a contract to get an expensive premium phone won't get this new Aldi - unless they need or want an inexpensive backup

Aldi's customers are those upgrading from older pre-smartphones, or old iPhones or Androids who want an upgrade in screen, performance, features and screen size without breaking the bank - and there are lots of people in that bracket, else Aldi's products wouldn't be so popular.

One of its premium features seems borrowed from the Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5 - the ability to use hand gestures in photos, the included web browser, songs or memos. 

Just make sure the feature is turned on in the settings, as the very helpful and quite rare these days printed colour 41-page English instruction and setup manual explains. 

With hand gestures on and in those apps, you can move your hand to the left or right across the sensor to browse through whichever one of those four apps you're in. 

The second feature is the back touch sensor. When you're in the camera or gallery, you can tap the upper part of the rear sensor to move back to the previous picture. 

Tap the middle part of the back sensor and you'll go forward to the next image. 

It works in songs to let you switch to the previous or next song, and you can even get the audio player to turn on when on the phone's desktop/home screen or other apps with a double tap. 

Then there's camera mode. All you need to do is tap once on the bottom of the sensor to take a photo. 

It took me a very short time to get used to it but it works as advertised! 

Aldi is also launching an upgrade to its Aldi Mobile offering, with a data only SIM with 3G per month selling for $30, and if you're on one of the $10 to $35 value plans, you can talk and text to friends on the Aldi network as much as you want. 

ALDI will also be launching a 1.5GB data plan for $16.50, valid for 30 days, with full details on the minutes of call time included and more at this official Aldi link
No changes will be made to ALDI's popular Pay As You Go plans, which have a 365-day expiry period.

So - whether you just need a brand new phone, or if you're carrying around an older or broken phone and just haven't wanted to pay the more expensive prices of the majors, or need an inexpensive spare or a travel phone or just another very personal computer in your life because, at least for me, one smartphone just isn't enough.

Then a new Aldi Bauhn Sphere awaits. At $279 outright they're sure to sell fast as they have in the past!

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If all you want is great featrures in a cheap phone that is similar to the top end of twon models this Aldi offering is the best there is. 


The downside is that this is not 4G but this makes no difference when it comes to making calls. Dowloads will be a tad slower but when it comes to messaging time lag is seconds.