Metal Gear Solid Brings The Greatest Saga To An HD Screen

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Written by Tony Ibrahim     22/02/2012 | 07:16 | Category name i.e.GAMING

I was first exposed to the Metal Gear Solid saga as a child. I sat before the TV with my eyes wide open, completely blown away by the culminating efforts of an intricate narrative, before-its-time game-play and limitless cinematic appeal.

Now I return to the game as an Adult, versed in the game industry after having sampled countless titles on platforms generations ahead. I proceeded with caution, well aware that the nostalgic affection I have for MGS could be undermined by tedious adulthood.

A part of me was right to feel such a way, with the controls and gameplay feeling primitive. It's as though you wake up one day and start talking to everyone in Shakespearean tongue. However, after a few minutes the gameplay becomes second nature and despite its old fashioned texture, it feels right.

You're happy to return to the rigid line of sight view because it's joined by the seemingly trivial conversations shared between characters riddled with depth, original missions and the unravelling of a sensationalised conspiracy. I always loved the silly conversations between Snake, Raiden and Otacon, and after a decade of caching, these titles bring those moments back to the surface. 


It's the same feeling you get when you turn on an original Nintendo and pop in the classic Super Mario, with its monotone sound effects and its pixelated graphics, because it bridges gap between the person you are now and the giggling child you once were.

Although not as pixelated as Super Mario, the graphics used in the MGS HD series have succumb to obsolescence. The action does have dimension, but it lacks the detail of modern titles. Characters Snake and Raiden appear void of emotion because they have no discernible facial characteristics. Rather, the 'HD' in the title pertains to an increased resolution and frame rate count, and although these don't help facial expressions, they do make game-play smoother. 

If you've played the game before you're not going to be absorbed by the 'ground breaking' graphics as you would've been when they were released. There are a few moments when the lip synching falters, while MGS Peace Walker experiences some flushed colours as a result of being stretched from a PSP screen to a TV. These remind you that you're playing a game from a different era, but it's not enough to ruin the glee associated with seeing an old friend.

For the few who were deprived of playing MGS growing up, the HD collection is a good enough iteration and is definitely worth a play, even if it's only for the end-game screen where Otacon's voice wails: "Snake…Snake!…SNNNAAAAAKKKKEEEEEEE."

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Pros & Cons


3 of the best games made bundled together; Incredible narratives; RRP$79;


Graphics are still dated;