REVIEW New Super Fast D-Link Dual Core AC 3200 Router, The Best Yet

Written by David Richards     24/02/2015 | 16:59 | Category name i.e.WIRELESS & NETWORKING

Have you blamed Optus or Telstra lately for poor broadband speeds, the chances are that the speed issues you are having has nothing to do with your broadband provider but more the gear you are using especially your choice of broadband and wireless router.

REVIEW New Super Fast D-Link Dual Core AC 3200 Router, The Best Yet
The chances are that your router is at least three years old and it is struggling to handle the big increase in traffic due to the introduction of devices that can now be attached to a network. 

Most older routes are not designed to handle more than 8 to 10 attached devices and even then it is not going to be able to deliver the speed throughput that a new generator of routers are able to deliver when connected to a new generation of PC, tablet or smartphone. 

I have just tested the new D-Link AC 3200 and this thing is a networking beast that delivers ultrafast speeds while also supporting multiple devices.

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Today devices are being built with new wireless chipsets that support the new technology found in routers like the D-Link AC 3200 which is the fastest and the coolest looking router we have ever tested. 

Then last router to wear this crown was the Netgear Nighthawk 6

The reality is that world has changed and networking is a key part of our digital lives. 

Whether it be when streaming video content which is set to get intense with the launch of Netflix and Stan or when you are attaching a new generation wireless sound system.
 In the past it was all about PC and smartphone attachment. Today it's about security cameras, wireless home automation and fast handshakes between devices and the router network.

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I first saw the new D-Link AC 3200 at CES 2015, but in the flesh and hooked up to a broadband network you suddenly realise that this beast has been designed from the ground up to be a real kick arse router from a network Company that has a firm grasp of what the market needs to drive networking to a new level. 

This is not just any router it is a carefully engineered device that has been designed to delivering screaming fast connectivity. 

While it looks good on the outside it is on the inside where D-Link has excelled.

Firstly they have completely overhauled the interior design and the UI the processing power needed to support the most bandwidth-demanding applications and devices, networking has just been taken up to a new level. 

What you notice about this bright red device is that it comes with see 6 high-gain antennas. Underneath the cover houses powerful amplifiers, dual-core processor, 3 dedicated radios, smart beam and smart connect technology.

The smart connect and AC smart beam technology significantly improves both the wireless reach and speed throughput of this device when compared with prior D-Link routers.
What does this technology do?
Pros + Fast dual-core 1 GHz processor 
+ Smart Connect intelligently connects each wireless device to the best available band 
+ AC Smart Beam (beam forming) to direct wireless signal to your wireless devices 
+ DD-WRT support in the near future
Cons - Non-replaceable antennas

Removing the top cover, you will find that D-Link has made some big changes. 

The heat sink is massive and the reason for this is that the new high speed processors deliver significantly more heat than prior router technology.

Underneath the heat sink is the RF shielded CPU, Wi Fi radios. 

The D-Link DIR-890L features 3 dedicated wireless radios - a single 2.4GHz radio and two individual 5GHz radios. With this, the DIR-890L is capable of delivering a combined speed up to 3200Mbps [600Mbps (2.4GHz) + 1300Mbps (5GHz) + 1300Mbps (5GHz)].

Tri-band Technology with Smart Connect distributes traffic over 3 dedicated Wi Fi radios optimised for network performance and reliability.

Tri-band Technology with Smart Connect distributes traffic over 3 dedicated Wi-Fi radios optimised for network performance and reliability. (Image from

The Tri-Band Technology with Smart Connect exposes just a single wireless SSID. The DIR-890L intelligently chooses from the 3 Wi-Fi bands and connects each device on your network to the best available band.

The AC Smart Beam technology utilises its antennas to identify your wireless devices' location and send them a focused signal to increase range and reduce interference. 

The Dual-core 1GHz Processor delivers the increased performance that this device pumps out. 

The design of this device is aggressive and stylish, it has that beast look that is befitting of the output capability that D-Link has built into the device. 

With a premium red finish designed to match the ultra-performance delivered by this new router I am sure that this router will go on show as opposed to being hidden away. 

In the past I have been critical of D-Link's user and configuration interface however their latest user interface, makes it easy to control a network right from a smartphone or tablet device.

You can unwanted devices, monitoring internet activity and easily create Wi-Fi guest connectivity.

There is nothing better than this device when it comes to routers. It looks good, performs better than any router we have seen before and is manufactured by a Company whose sole mission is to deliver the latest in enterprise, small medium business and consumer networking technology.
This is a true 5/5 product. 

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This is a true top end consumer router that has no equal, it has duel core processors, massive range, is Tri Band and under the bonnett D Link have engineered the device from the ground up to deliver ultra fast through put which is ideal for gaming and 4K movie content. 


We have stuggled to find fault with this device other than you are stuck with the six antenas that make this device look real mean which of course it is.

Only time will tell whether this device goes into the Hall Of Fame as one of the real kick arse products that seriously advanced networking.