We Pick The Best Home Cinema Products For 2011

Written by SmartHouse Team     21/12/2010 | 03:32 | Category: HOME CINEMA

James Cameron's Avatar brought a new level of artistry to home cinema and paved the way for increased expectations in home theatre entertainment. Along with an array of 3D Blu-ray players, projectors capable of producing deeper blacks, and accessories including screens, mounts, PVRs, seating, cables, remotes and antenna, we pick the best of the bunch.

Best Home Cinema Projector
Sim2 C3X Lumis
audioproducts.com.au| From $54,999

From an image point of view, this is one of the best projectors around, and is a 3 chip DLP projector using darkchip technology and producing images nothing short of spectacular. Outwardly, it's also noteworthy in terms of its own design, with a highly sculpted look, with beautiful lines, curves and vents.

Highly Commended
Vivitek H9080FD
Hillssvl.com.au | $24,899


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Best Budget Projector
Epson EH-R4000
epson.com.au | $7,500

It's no wonder that Epson holds the number one position in the world home cinema market. This unit sport's the brand's new reflective LCD technology turning its aperture/lens into a reflective system rather than being transmissive, and pumping up image quality. Coupled with inter-pixel spacing, you get a dynamic contrast ratio of 100,000:1. For the price, there's simply nothing better.

Highly Commended
BenQ W6000
Benq.com.au | $4599


Best Projector Screens
LP Morgan Galleria Eclipse
lpmorgan.com.au| From $4699

This screen takes home theatre very seriously, but also offers you movie watching at its best. Fitted with its Novares surface, the fine surface structure is able to recreate images without any distortion or interference.  It also has a masking mechanism which gives you super quiet tubular motor operation allowing you to enjoy movies in full 2.40:1 immersive brilliance.

Highly Commended    
ScreenScience Cinenoir
screenscience.com.au | From $1795

Best HDMI Cables
KordZ EVX High Speed With Ethernet
Kordz.com | From $199 for 1m

The pinnacle of HDMI technology and performance, the Kordz EVX High Speed With Ethernet are true audio and videophile cables that don't compromise on build quality.   The KordZ EVX 1.4 cables offer the pure transmission from a HDMI source offering amazing 1200p resolution in all lengths.

Highly Commended
Monster MC 1000HD
ehifi.com.au | From $199 for 1m

Best TV Mount Over 42"
Sanus LF228B
sanus.com.au | $1099.95

A good TV mount lets user to angle and tilt flat panels with flexibility. This mount does that in spades, extending the panel a full 70 cm from the wall. More than that, Sanus has also come up with an engineering first. By concealing cables through the LF228B's elbows, it creates a flawless look.

Highly Commended
Vogel's EFW 8425
canohm.com.au | $579


Best TV Mount Under 42"
Omnimount The Omnimount
trc.com.au | $49

The eponymous flat panel TV mount from Omnimount comes with everything you need to wall-mount a flat panel TV with a  screen size of 13 - 42 inches. This user-friendly approach also extends to installation and it has an on-wall profile of just 1 inch.

Highly Commended
Adtec Telehook TH-3060-LPF
Adtec.com.au | $199 + GST

Best Personal Video Recorder
Telstra T Box
Telstra.com.au | $299

Few PVRs overcome the complexities of more expensive models than this. At $299, it give you access to an ever-growing list of movies from as low as $3.99.  What' the catch? Well you have to be hooked up to the Bigpond network, but that said, it's simple to set up and a joy to use.

Highly Commended
Topfield TRF2460 Masterpiece HD Plus
itopfield.com.au | $1299


Best Blu Ray Player
Denon DVD-A1UD
audioproducts.com.au | $9999

For the second year running, we think this is still comfortably the best heavy duty Blu-ray player around.  The flagship model in the Denon stable will spin almost any disc you can throw at it. It also delivers on the image quality front and has an integrated decoder for Dolby True-HD and DTS HD Master Audio making a separate receiver redundant.

Highly Commended
qualify.com.au | $9999


Best Budget Blu-ray Player    
Soniq Blu-ray Player
jbhifi.com.au | $126

Sold exclusively through JB Hi-Fi, and known for their low prices, Soniq's budget Blu-ray player plays DivX and DivX Plus HD, with HDMI output and video up to 1080p. With seven years retailing experience in Australia, Soniq had definitely brought out a budget Blu-ray that punches above its weight.

Highly Commended
LG BX5803
lg.com.au | $329

Best TV Antenna    
matchmaster.com.au | $326

This product can still rightly claim the crown for the biggest innovation in antenna design in 40 years. Using internal microwave technology to pick up signals, it is easy to set up and can be used in a variety of applications, even on caravans. With Analogue TV now switched off in many metro areas, this antenna lets you go digital with ease.


Best Universal Remote    
Logitech Harmony  900
Logitech.com | $599.95

This universal remote is bound to be the most fought over device in the living room. We think it's simply the best around, with its excellent button layout, hi-res LCD allowing touch sensitive control of on-screen menus. It's easy to set up and also very sleek and the buttons corresponding to the red, blue, green and yellow tabs for Blu-ray interactivity makes it a cut above.   

Best Home Theatre Furniture    
D-Box Cinema Seating
wavetrain.com.au | From $10,000

The patented D-Box does it again with an integrated motion system that provides dramatic, realistic motion that is perfectly synchronised with onscreen action and sound for a truly memorable cinematic experience. No doubt, these systems, with their prices beginning from $10,000 for a chair with actuators and basic motion controller that works with a computer are for cinema enthusiasts, but they certainly get you where the action is.