We Pick The Best Automation Products of 2012

Written by The SmartHouse Team     14/12/2011 | 22:51 | Category: AUTOMATION

The automation market has undergone a lot of changes this year. Wireless and IP-connected devices have changed the landscape, with receivers and home management systems now delivering IP capability and easy automation integration. New iPhone automation applications and a new generation of control software have made automation accessible to all.

We Pick The Best Automation Products of 2012

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Best Budget Automation System
Push Automation

Push Controls is all about making home automation simple. Through the latest gear they create a harmonious technological ecosystem where each device works with another to produce a desired atmosphere. It also gleans the very best performance from your household gear thanks to predefined profiles and caters to home entertainment, home energy, security and even climate. Their technology dynamically changes with every innovation, boarding the smartphone revolution with their software working on iPads, iPhones and Android devices, putting the power of home automation in the palm of your hand.

Highly Recommended
Home Automation Inc


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Best Premium Automation System

Ranging from locks to lights, doors to drapes, Control4 gives users control over them, wherever they are. Control4 install a computer base in the home that's adaptable to different and ever-changing technologies, even benefiting home owners from new levels of personalisation. Whether it's managing music in multiple rooms, receiving a text when the kids make it home or monitoring security from a foreign country, Control4 provide a detail home auto system that transforms an ordinary home into a smart-home.

Highly Recommended
Switch Automation