Best Phablet: Samsung GALAXY Note 3

Written by David Richards     09/01/2014 | 15:45 | Category: COMMUNICATION

This is a brilliant device that came very close to being our overall product of the year.

Best Phablet: Samsung GALAXY Note 3
The screen on the Galaxy Note 3 is stunning. It's ridiculously bright, the contrast is outstanding and the clarity is terrific. Carrying the Note 3 is like carrying your own TV in your pocket especially when you watch a movie, which is easy and enjoyable with this device.

Note 3 has a massive 3200mAh battery and it delivers; the device sits comfortably in the hands with well-balanced weight.

The real standout with the Note 3 is the upgraded software, especially the S Pen features that allow a user to quickly scribble a number on the device and then add the written number as digital text for a search or contact.

The Snapdragon 800 processor delivers processing punch and it is simple things such as the Wacom digitiser pen that makes this device unique.

The pen is light and it slots into the bottom of the phone and when you take the S Pen out of its hidden slot and walk away from your device, the phone bleats to let you know the pen isn't aboard.

At $900+ dollars this device is a mini tablet smartphone but above all, a valuable pocket tool for those who want the latest in technology.

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