Motorola Razr Stamped Best Smartphone Of The Year

Written by The SmartHouse Team     13/12/2011 | 01:02 | Category: COMMUNICATION

It was a tough bout between the Razr and Samsung's Galaxy SII, but a unique blend of style, physique and power put the Razr ahead in SmartHouse's 2012 Smart Awards.

Motorola Razr Stamped Best Smartphone Of The YearMotorola's Android-run Razr was the top pick at the SmartHouse 2012 Smart Awards where it was awarded for its high performance innards, Kevlar-infused design prowess and an overall build and user experience that warrants sitting atop the smartphone foodchain.

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Best Premium Smartphone
Motorola Razr
$689 |

The Motorola Razr holds the record for the world's thinnest smartphone and weighs just 127 grams. Its slender physique runs the latest version of Android, with Motorola tweaking it to be more social and multimedia fluent, choosing to innovate on Android rather than redesign it. It's a quick phone this, running a dual core 1.2GHz processor and juggling apps with its market leading 1GB of RAM. Complementing its powerful engines is its fast 8.1 MP shooter, delivering refined images in most lighting conditions. Video recording is just as strong, being capable of Full HD 1080p video, with a secondary front facing 2MP camera accommodating video calls. Stretching 4.3 inches and offering a 16 million colour display, its screen technology sits up top, alongside Apple's retina display. Versatile, powerful and innovative, the Motorola Razr respectfully sits on the smartphone throne.

Highly Recommended
Samsung Galaxy SII
$649 |

The competition was tough with the Samsung Galaxy SII, also running on Android, throttling close behind. A tougher build and slightly better performance notches on its belt nabbed the top spot for the Razr though.

Motorola kept its flame lit through to the budget section, pulling in an Award for Best Budget Smartphone with its durable performer, the Motorola Defy. All-round, it was a big win for Android on all counts.