Best SmartPhone: LG G2

Written by David Richards     09/01/2014 | 15:43 | Category: COMMUNICATION

The LG G2 was launched mid-year and it stands out as one of the most accomplished devices ever created.

Best SmartPhone: LG G2
At the cutting edge of Android technology, LG had a point to prove with this device. What they delivered represents the cutting edge in Android tech right now.

From the whopping 5.2-inch screen to the really powerful quad-core 2.26GHz CPU, the G2 specs deliver a really great phone that breaks down barriers.

One core change from traditional Android based smartphones was in the location of the on/off and volume control button on the back of the device.

While still small and thin enough to slip into your pocket, the big difference kicks in with the sheer amount of power that this device delivers when using apps.

On top of this, the G2 has the best battery life of any smartphone we have tested.

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