We Pick The Best Display Products Of 2012

Written by The SmartHouse Team     28/11/2011 | 05:55 | Category: DISPLAY

A dynamic change in TV and display technology has seen 3D shift from a defining characteristic to another feature, while webcentric applications steal the headlines. Now, Smart TVs are the new thing, delivering content, internet and connectivity to the big screen, while still offering 3D viewing as an option.

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Best 60" & Above TV
Panasonic TH-P65VT30A
$5,299 | www.panasonic.com.au

Panasonic has managed to up the quality on its past Viera plasma screens with its premium, THX-certified VT30 'NeoPlasma' displays that prove plasma is anything but dead. The image processor has been upgraded to make picture quality exceptional both in 2D and 3D, with hardware to push out 3D with less crosstalk and processors to keep the full HD picture fluid. What you're left with is Panasonic's best 3D and 2D model in one. Behind the scenes is a dynamic contrast ratio of 5,000,000:1, a 600Hz sub-field drive, advanced ISF calibration for professionals to perfect the picture - all under the allure of the single sheet of glass that gorgeously wraps up the fascia. Colour is vivid and dynamically contrasted between the blacks and whites with a precision that you need the full 65 inches to admire. This range-topper is the best of the best in visual excess.

Highly Recommended
Sharp LE830X
$3,999 | www.sharp.net.au


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Best 50" & Above
LG 55LW5700
$2,699 | www.lg.com/au

The 55LW5700 delivers a complete home viewing experience, whether it's in 2D mode, 3D or content-wise. Even though it is equipped with serious gear aimed at producing detailed images, characterised by exuberant colours and natural texture, LG has positioned this TV simply as comfortable. Its 3D glasses are also 'comfortable', by being lightweight (16 grams), battery free and rewardingly inexpensive. The 3D experience is dramatic, with minimal cross talk and bright colours rousing cinematic action with minimal compromise. Completing this experience is a strong application market and home network capabilities, so it can deliver a larger-than-life portal to the World Wide Web.

Highly Recommended
Panasonic TX-P50GT30A
$2,699 | www.panasonic.com.au

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Best 40" & Above
Sharp LC40LE830X 3D
$1,149 | www.sharp.net.au

Sharp is an obscure competitor but it's in the frontlines because of its superb quality and colour handling. They've introduced yellow in addition to the default red, blue and green colour systems, making colours appear more natural. The LC40LE830X 3D merits a mention for handling motion with ease, application support and home network capabilities. Topping off its capable 2D repertoire is its cinematic 3D, even offering 2D to 3D conversion. And finally, it does all of this while exuding unquestionable charisma thanks to its thin bezel and exquisite design.

Highly Recommended
Samsung UA40D6600
$2,099 | www.samsung.com/au


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Best 32" TV
Sony KDL32EX720
$1,049 | www.sony.com.au

Long-time industry great Sony uses its X-Reality engine to deliver life like pictures to a smaller screen. It filters all video content, ranging from online streams to free-to-air TV, analysing and processing the feed to deliver crisp picture with vibrant colours. Working alongside X-Reality is its Image Enhancer, which divides the signal into four image elements, including texture, outline, contrast and colour, optimising each one for more vivid and distinct imagery. Pics aren't the only thing to benefit though, with the company employing 3 unique noise reduction features to harness great audio, making sure this television delivers an entirely immersive cinematic experience that titillates the senses.

Highly Recommended
Samsung UA32D6000
$1,099 | www.samsung.com/au

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Best sub 32"
Samsung UA27D5000
$649 | www.samsung.com.au

Samsung TVs are simply bite-the-back-of-your-hand beautiful and this 27 inch LED is no different. A transparent bezel accentuates the screen's deep black, shifting focus onto the TV content rather than traditional dominant frames. Motion pictures are kept seamless with Samsung's Clear Motion Rate, while its HyperReal Engine optimises performance and image enhancement to deliver a vast palette of vibrant colours. A strong team player, this 27 incher communicates soundly with Anynet+ devices, and can play multimedia directly from its USB port. Small on size, big on features, the UA27D5000 is a complete solution on the short end.

Highly Recommended
LG 26LV2530
$649 | www.lg.com.au


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Best SmartTV
Samsung 8000 series
From $4,699 | www.samsung.com.au

Bespoke, elegant and refined, Samsung's 8000 combines sublime performance with seductive looks. Their dark, wholesome screens contrast with their uber thin, 5mm bezel, elevating them from TV to welcomed house hold fixture.  Inside there's incredible technology, stemming from superb picture and motion handling capabilities to serenading audio. Features such as Wide Colour Enhancer Plus, 3D HyperReal Engine, Clear Motion and Micro Dimming deduce the best image quality from whatever source and create an immersive cinematic atmosphere. The 8000 have the 'Smart' title bestowed upon them due to their thorough networking and internet capabilities. Catered to by built-in Wi-Fi and a custom web browser, it delivers a big-screen internet experience, complete with application support and inter-device connectivity. Utterly desirable, Samsung's 8000 nabs Smarthouse's Best SmartTV award.

Highly Recommended
LG Smart TV
From $2,199 | www.lg.com.au

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Best Mount
AVF Unimax ZML 8500
$199 | www.revtek.com.au

Mounting a TV can be tricky, wanting that crisp clean look without the headache of organising your antenna and power wiring. Even then you'll need to buy a mount suited specifically for your TV size and weight. The AVF Unimax takes this year's gong for Best Mount simply because it's the world's first TV mount that can attach any TV to any wall. Developed by Revolution Technologies, it'll mount TVs up to 80 inches, with a weight capacity of 80kg. The patented technology can be installed directly into plaster board, wood and metal stud, brick, dot and dab, concrete and even a combination of these wall types.

Highly Recommended
Vogel THIN RC 355
$TBA | www.vogels.com


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Best HDMI Cable
Kordz EVX 
$129 | www.kordz.com

Kordz cables are designed with the custom installer in mind and deliver quality performance, and exceptional build integrity. Whatever the length, they feature B.O.S.S.™ auto soldering for superior cable bandwidth with minimized jitter, pre-moulded PVC/ABS boot assembly to eliminate shell induced capacitance, Pro-Fit connectors and round cable profile for 360° flexibility.

Highly Recommended
Monster MC800HD
$TBA | www.monstercable.com

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Best Budget Projector
Epson EH-TW6000W
$2,499 | www.epson.com.au

Instantly setting the TW6000W apart from the pack is the 'W' concluding its name. It stands for wireless, and refers to the Wireless HD Transmitter that complements the 3D projector. With the transmitter, installation is a cinch as it feeds info—2D and 3D—wirelessly to the projector. The TW6000W is Epson's first shot at also producing a 3D projector, and the company was late to the party cause they wanted to do it right. They started by including a 2200 lumen bulb and doubled the frame rate to 480Hz when projecting in 3D. In addition to its speedy frame rate is a high contrast ratio of 40,000:1, 1080p Full HD projecting and split screen 2D viewing. Although we're not head over heels about 3D, the TW6000W is a great projector because it offers the best of both worlds, delivering exceptional 2D footage with 3D as an added perk.

Highly Recommended
Ben Q W1200
$1,499 | www.benq.com.au


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Best Premium Projector
$9,999 | sony.com.au

This 3D home theatre projector features Sony's 24p True Cinema mode, a 240Hz panel drive and an extraordinary 150,000:1 contrast ratio. Combined, they produce a Full HD resolution image that delivers an immersive cinematic experience that feels natural, even in 3D.

Highly Recommend
Epson EH-TW9000W
$3,999 | www.epson.com.au

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Best Projector Screen
Carson Screens - Selina Pro - 140 inches
$3,490 | carsonscreens.com.au

With visual content being injected with more vivid colour, higher resolution and extra dimensions, viewers are pushing their home theatres for a more immersive experience. A big chunk of that experience comes from the size of the screen; mimicking the cinema experience. The Selina Pro line-up offers one of the simplest installations in the fixed screen arena and can be customised up to 400 inches. The build quality here is exceptional, with premium US materials like the four-layer silicone matte white backing and the Asian-built bevelled frames. These extra-thick 120mm frames keep the tension while making an aesthetic statement. Hidden behind the frame are 40 mounting points that hold the backdrop material in place for longer, avoiding sag that pulls away picture quality.

Highly Recommended
Stuart CineCurve
$TBA | www.stuartfilmscreen.com