Product of the Year: Samsung 85" S9

Written by David Richards     06/01/2014 | 16:11 | Category: DISPLAY

When the 85" Samsung S9 Ultra High Definition TV was rolled out at the 2013 CES Show in Las Vegas more than 3,500 media from around the world went into overdrive with praise and as camera?s scrambled to get a better glimpse of this awesome looking TV one suddenly realized that Samsung had significantly raised the bar in TV design.

Product of the Year: Samsung 85" S9
Let's forget about the $40,000 price tag for a minute because the S9 is a stunning piece of lateral thinking, it?s a display panel suspended in a frame that looks brilliant from any angle.

It's also one of the best-performing large-screens we have ever seen under 100 inches.
With this TV Samsung has taken a no-holds-barred attitude and threw the return-on-investment book out the window.

As a result, excellence is achieved, and a luxury product is born that commands the $40K price tag.

The S9 represents the future for where display design is going and it took Samsung to lift the bar. This level of achievement pushes every manufacturer to aim a little higher, break down price barriers and innovate. And when that happens, we all win.

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