Best UHD TV: Panasonic VIERA 65"

Written by David Richards     06/01/2014 | 16:41 | Category: DISPLAY

Panasonic may not trumpet their VIERA line as loudly as some TV manufacturers but ever since the advent of flat-panel TVs, the Japanese company has set the standard for picture quality within the industry. Their ability to deliver rich blacks and vivid colours has been the envy of TV makers and reviewers around the world and their new Ultra HD (UHD) model doesn't let that reputation down.

Best UHD TV: Panasonic VIERA 65"

Their new 65" 4K TV (TH-L65WT600A) is a major step in a new direction for Panasonic, departing from the plasma screens they are so well-known for and investing everything in a whiz-bang Ultra HD LED LCD panel. The gamble has paid off with the result being a TV that delivers a high quality display and excellent audio.

Given that a 4K Ultra HD (UHD) panel offers four times the resolution of a Full HD panel, the detail and clarity of this VIERA was always going to be impressive. But the almost-ridiculous picture quality is only the beginning of the story.

The 65WT600A is the first TV compliant with the new HDMI 2.0 and Display PortT 1.2a standard that allows users to access 4K Ultra HD content at rates up to 60 frames per second (fps), instead of the current 30 fps standard. What does this mean for the viewer? Basically, it means the TV can reproduce 4K Ultra HD TV image quality from virtually any image source.

The embedded H.264 decoder, allowed us to run 4K content straight off an SDXC card and streamed from the internet (after about 10-15 seconds of loading).

Like with their plasma TVs and their unique Kuro engine, Panasonic engineers have again delivered technology that pretty far ahead of the competition - which says a lot for a company that was also the inventor (with Sony) of Blu-ray technology.

Another key benefit of this award-winning TV is the Smart TV application. The Home Screen interface is clean and simple and it's a pleasure to use.

There are also picture widgets that can show you the weather, headlines, and plenty more customised information.

Even better, you can link your mobile device and display your videos, photos, and web pages in Ultra HD on a giant 65" screen.

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