We Pick The Best Gaming Products For 2010

Written by The SmartHouse Team     02/12/2009 | 23:26 | Category: GAMING

The SmartHouse Team takes a look at the best gaming products in the market for 2010.

We Pick The Best Gaming Products For 2010

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Best Portable Gaming System
Nintendo DSi
www.nintendo.com.au | $299.95

The Nintendo DS is easily the best and most popular handheld gaming system on the market. The DSi adds a camera to the mix and has a larger screen.  It also runs much faster than the original DS, can now play ACC files and has an improved menu system.

Highly Recommended
PSP 3000
au.playstation.com | $299.95


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Best Gaming Console 
Nintendo Wii
www.nintendo.com.au | $299

The Wii has brought casual gaming into millions of homes with its revolutionary control system and simple, fun games. It doesn't have the graphics power or multimedia features of the other consoles, but its appeal as a pure games machine and its low price has created new generation of gamers.

Highly Recommended
Xbox 360 Elite
www.xbox.com.au | $449

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