We Pick The Best Home Office Products Of 2012

Written by The SmartHouse Team     14/12/2011 | 23:00 | Category: HOME OFFICE

While internet-connecting 'smart' TVs are jumping into the picture, PCs are still one of the major media hubs in the home and office. They're media savvy with 1080p monitors featuring the latest LED-backlighting, 3D and IPS technology to match your TV, and HD webcams to create your own Full HD content. For the efficient office, printers are going head-to-head to be greener and cost-conscious versatile machines.

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Best Monitor
BenQ GL2450HM
$219 | www.benq.com.au

Ben Q's 24 inch LED monitor delivers an orgy of audio and visual features in a stunning slender frame. Behind its screen is enough tech-prowess to produce a 12 million:1 contrast ratio, 2ms response time and booming audio from in built speakers. Monitors of old were limited to displaying word documents with noticeable pixels, but the next generation of LEDs bring confident multimedia capabilities into the office. Equipped with a DVI and a HDMI port, it houses the potential to act as the face of your multimedia, ranging from gaming, PCs, Blu-ray players and even speakers. Topping off its repertoire of features is its Senseye technology, which employs six proprietary calibration techniques to deliver the best viewing quality.

Highly Recommended
Samsung S27A950D
$799 | www.samsung.com/au


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Best MF Printer
HP OfficeJet Pro 8600A Plus
$499 | www.hp.com.au

Multifunction printers are the unsung heroes of the modern office, consuming a small amount of space and yet delivering printing, faxing, scanning and emailing capabilities. When making their debut there was a little sacrifice on performance, but nowadays they've found their stride. HP's 8600A Plus is amongst the finest and offers all of the above with the added perk of connectivity functionality through Bluetooth and an Ethernet port, helping it latch onto the office/home network. When printing pages it sprints at a rate of 35 colour pages per minute and it's all controlled by a 4.3 inch colour graphics touchscreen. Versatile, functional and reliable, HP's new OfficeJet is the solution to most office needs and is well deserving of SmartHouse's best MultiFunction Printer Award.

Highly Recommended
Samsung CLX-3185FW
$649 | www.samsung.com/au

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Best Webcam
Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910
$149.95 | www.logitech.com

Logitech throws itself back onto the top of the PC peripheral pile with a Full HD webcam offering that ousts the cheap underpinning competition. It shoots and records at 1080p and runs video chat at 720p, boxed inside a combination of sleek, glossy plastic and rubbery, matte surfaces. After sitting atop your laptop and running Skype for a day, you'd be hard-pressed to go back to a crummy, low-res webcam from the rest of the made-in-China stack.

Highly Recommended
Creative InPerson HD
$149 | www.creative.com