Focal's Maestro Utopia Deliver A Live Concert Experience

Written by Tony Ibrahim     14/12/2011 | 23:18 | Category: SOUND

Listening to high quality speakers should create the illusion of a concert mosh pitt. Impressive sound should caress you with subtle vibrations while full bodied audio induces the zesty enthusiasm you get from a live performance. This year's winner had to be faithful to the artists, replicating optimal and pure sound at no expense.


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Best Premium Speakers
Focal - Maestro Utopia
$59,000 |

Amazingly detailed and articulate, these three-and-a-half-way loudspeakers hit all the right notes. Visually they've combined performance with striking aesthetics, looking plush and feeling solid. It innovates in the bass with its Magnetic Damping System (MDS) which adapts to room acoustics. With its 93dV efficiency, these speakers still manage to push sound out at full-strength, taking an orchestra into its own hands and dissecting it one instrument at a time to deliver the full audio palette on a deliciously eloquent canvas. Here the tone stretches a vast range, starting with booming low frequencies, right up to peaking highs.

Highly Recommended
Q Acoustics 2020i
$TBA |

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