Best Portable Wireless Speakers: JBL Charge

Written by David Richards     09/01/2014 | 15:36 | Category: SOUND

For solo listening to music stored on a smartphone, tablet or dedicated music device such as an iPod, headphones are the way to fly.

Best Portable Wireless Speakers: JBL Charge
 But when you want to share that music, a portable wireless speaker is called for - and long-time powerhouse speaker company JBL are right up there providing with the Charge.

Featuring two 5 watt speakers, a built in bass port and a high capacity rechargeable battery giving over 12 hours of playback time, the Charge streams music from any Bluetooth source. Recharging is via an everyday USB port, and the Charge can even recharge your mobile devices if required.

The sound is pure JBL; full range with exceptional bass quality. What more could you ask?

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