Best Speaker: Jamo C809

Written by David Richards     08/01/2014 | 14:57 | Category: SOUND

You have to not just hear, but also see these floor speakers to appreciate how good they are.

Best Speaker: Jamo C809
With the choice of either a black ash or dark apple these design Danish designed floor standing speakers are indeed jointly striking and beautiful to behold. model is the flagship of the Jamo Concert series been created with one aim in mind; to bring concert cinema experience into being, always keeping characteristics and dynamics of the original performance faithfully reproduced without sacrificing anything. 

A three way bass reflex system with twin seven woofers and midrange plus a single one inch tweeter have been carefully tuned to achieve this end, a frequency response from 30 to 24000 Hz thus to achieve and reach every nuance of a performance - music or audio - as well as the film soundtracks DVD or Blu-ray. To further aid in achieving the possible sound, the C809 also features bi-wiring, allows you to fine tune the sound in perfect harmony your room.

For those that require a premium solution for music, vocals and cinema, the Jamo C809 delivers without compromise. Additionally, the Jamo C809 will fit with any d?cor with a simple, but highly functional appearance providing authentic acoustics.

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