Beware Of Someone Wearing 'Odd Looking' Glasses

Written by David Richards     06/05/2013 | 07:58 | Category: SMART IDEAS

Beware if someone wearing Google's creepy Glass specs winks at you across the bar, or within a company meeting. Very likely you're being surreptitiously filmed.

Beware Of Someone Wearing 'Odd Looking' Glasses

US software developer Mike DiGiovanni has launched Winky, codename for a program that allows users to shoot a photo or video even if the screen is turned off, eliminating the need to issue a voice command - the usual way to initiate action with Google Glass - or to tap a finger on the camera button secreted inside an arm of the specs.

DiGiovanni has released Winky as pure Android source code, which requires advanced users to compile the code and run it as an APK file (APK stands for Android Package, a file format for the Android operating system). After the application is installed, users must then calibrate the program before any winking will be recognised.

That hasn't stopped Winky being described on various Web sites as the creepiest app yet for Google's wearable device - and another reason for seeing Google Glasses being banned in many bars, restaurants and work sites.

Separately, a developer at YouTube network Fullscreen has unveiled an app that lets Glass wearers upload video content directly to YouTube. Called Beam, the app is said to let users keep the content private - fat chance - or share it automatically on Twitter.

- Footnote: Google Glass isn't the only wearable gadget Google is planning: it has also filed patents for a smartwatch with a wireless receiver and dual touchpad. The battery-operated device would feature wristbands that double up as touchpads, a watchface and a bezel surrounding the base. Apple, Samsung and perhaps Microsoft are also reportedly working on smart watches.

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