Technology Packed Umbrella Comes To A Blunt End

Written by David Richards     14/05/2013 | 16:49 | Category: SMART IDEAS

Does technology need to have power connected to it? The new range of Blunt Umbrellas prove that technology can be something as simple as a design that guarantees an umbrella will not break, blow inside out or poke someone in the eye.

Technology Packed Umbrella Comes To A Blunt End

The guys at Blunt Umbrellas have developed a unique Radical Tensioning System to ensure that weight is distributed evenly and the umbrella canopy remains taut, making them "truly non-destructible" in even the harshest of weather.

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The Blunt name comes from the fact that the New Zealand Company has managed to eliminate the "poke one in the eye" bits that plague every umbrella being sold today.

What Blunt have done is turn the "pointy ends" into snazzy-looking rounded tips. The slick engineered frame structure makes the range of umbrella's highly durable and wind-resistant. 

The Blunt ends help you avoid the odd "eye to eye" confrontations that can lead to street altercations. The fabric is a fast-drying polyester that allows the umbrella to open super-tight. 

The Umbrella design which SmartHouse tested this week is definetly different and while a tad heavier in the hand it actually works. 

A Blunt Umbrella will cost you $89.

For more information, stockists and to purchase online visit

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