AMX Powers Smart Energy Distribution

Written by Matthew Lentini     21/01/2011 | 05:00 | Category: SMART HOME DESIGN & INSTALLATION

The AMX Power Distribution Unit (NXA-PDU-1508-8) combines power management and remote control of power to efficiently run electricity in businesses and homes.

AMX Powers Smart Energy Distribution

By attaching up to eight separate power sources into the AC outlets via AxLink Bus Strips, the unit can monitor and control power output of a room efficiently by sensing currents and temperature and reducing the energy consumption of appliances on standby.

Current sensors let you know that devices are either on or off while remote controlling and monitoring allows levels of power consumption to be tracked for the green-conscious while allowing these levels to be altered from a distance.

While home networking grows in popularity, there aren't many choices to go with for energy automation and control, so AMX leads this area of the home network. While media home networks move to online functionality, so too does AMX. With NetLinx, the power distribution unit can be controlled through an IP.