Japanese Tech Union Delivers Green Smart Houses

Written by Matthew Lentini     14/07/2011 | 04:34 | Category: SMART HOME DESIGN & INSTALLATION

A host of Japanese technology firms could see to the future of smart homes being a little greener.

Japanese Tech Union Delivers Green Smart HousesSmart homes could lead the energy saving bid as 10 Japanese technology firms, including Toshiba and Panasonic, work to standardise their Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS).

The companies announced the co-operative effort on Tuesday and are currently testing their systems across Japan, according to The Mainichi Daily News.

While technologies differ between companies, the standardised HEMS is set to be reached in three years through a joint venture organisation created by the 10 companies and an electrical energy company.

HEMSs are used to control the energy consumption of a household and tie in with smart home systems, integrated into the structure of a house to provide autonomy and united controls for devices and appliances.

While smart energy control is an enticing additive to the specialised market, smart homes in general have already been predicted to grow in popularity, with revenue in the industry growing as high as triple by 2015.