Origin Acoustics Outdoor Audio System Lands In Oz

Written by Martin Kovacs     21/03/2016 | 12:44 | Category: AUDIO SYSTEMS

Origin Acoustics' first offering under its new outdoor living brand AcoustaScape Landscape Audio, the AS41 Hi-Fi Landscape Audio System, has launched locally, Synergy Audio Visual division Synergy Custom has advised.

Origin Acoustics Outdoor Audio System Lands In OzThe AS41 includes four 4" camouflage enclosed satellite speakers and one 8" in-ground subwoofer, delivering "crystal clear, enveloping audio coverage, ground-shaking bass, fidelity and clarity".

"Traditionally, people would use either rock speakers or surface-mount speakers as their outdoor solution, which are not discrete and generally direct sound outwards instead of to the intended audience, potentially upsetting neighbours," Philip Sawyer, Synergy Custom managing director, commented.   

"We are thrilled to be offering a system so well suited to the Australian way of life, with the Origin AcoustaScape system perfect for high-density living areas, pub and clubs, outdoor terraces - you name it.

"It directs audio to a targeted area, projecting perfectly even sound coverage directly into the listening
area with equal volume, turning the whole outdoor space into a sweet spot without causing any disturbance to neighbours."

The 8 ohms per channel impedance matched system is equipped with 50 W - 200 W of power handling, and requires amplification, such as the second zone of an AV receiver or dedicated amplified zone player.

The system can be expanded through the addition of up to four additional satellite speakers via AS4SAT extension packs, sold in packages of two, delivering coverage of up to 2,500 square feet.

The AS41 is available for $2,999 RRP and the AS4SAT $799 RRP.