Yamaha Delivers Multi-Room Audio Options With MusicCast

Written by Martin Kovacs     21/09/2015 | 14:18 | Category: AUDIO SYSTEMS

Yamaha's MusicCast multi-room audio technology is designed to provide streaming flexibility, allowing users to share any audio source to any room, with over 30 MusicCast models set to land in the Australian market before Christmas.

Yamaha Delivers Multi-Room Audio Options With MusicCastThe heart of the MusicCast system is an app which can be customised with room names and photos representing different areas of the home, with the MusicCast line-up of products ranging from wireless speakers to soundbars to hi-fi components, AV receivers and home audio packages.

Users can mix-and-match and expand their audio system over time, with Yamaha stating, while streaming to multiple rooms is not a new concept, "the ability to do so from any audio device via HDMI, digital, USB, network or analogue connection is a unique and distinct advantage".

"MusicCast, a revolutionary multi-room technology, allows users to share any audio source to any room," Yamaha states.

"Whether listening to your favourite music streaming service, TV programs, CDs or even vinyl records, MusicCast makes it possible to enjoy all content in any room."

The MusicCast line-up also features Wi Fi Xtend, transforming each product into a Wi-Fi extender, while AirPlay and Bluetooth provide further connectivity options, with any Bluetooth speaker or headphones able to be incorporated into the MusicCast network.

The MusicCast line-up prices and availability: