Chord's New C-line Cable Now Available At Synergy Audio Visual

Written by Martin Kovacs     29/01/2015 | 19:24 | Category: CABLES

The Chord Company's new entry-level C-line stereo RCA analogue interconnect cable featuring ARAY techniques is now being stocked at Synergy Audio Visual.

ChordProducing "new levels of transparency, detail, coherence and musical involvement", Chord's Tuned ARAY technology was originally developed for its flagship Sarum cable range, and has since been introduced across a wider cable range, most recently digital and streaming products.

The C-line features pseudo-balanced oxygen-free copper conductors, with fully floating high-performance shielding, and is optimised for operation with CD players, DACs, phono-stages and streamers.

The C-line also features direct gold-plating technology, plus over-moulded strain-relief for the cable's plug terminations.

The 1 metre cable is available at Synergy now, carrying a price tag of $70.