Ziova Launches HD Cables

Written by Caroline Warnes     16/10/2006 | 22:57 | Category: CABLES

Australian-based company Ziova has joined the ranks of cable manufacturers launching high-definition cables.

Ziova Launches HD Cables

The company is also launching the FlexStream HDMI-certified cables in the US and Europe.

According to Ziova managing director Raaj Menon, HDMI cables are a worthwhile investment to make the most of a home theatre system.

"Without a high definition cable, your $5000 system will not live up to its potential," Menon says. "The cable is often overlooked, but it's the nervous system of a home theatre system."

The $39.95 cables are specially designed to achieve optimum performance from devices that broadcast content in 1080 format.

More information on the range is available at www.ziova.com.au