Belkin Protects and Shines Your HiFi

Written by Ty Pendlebury     17/05/2006 | 03:09 | Category: CABLES

Power conditioners for hifi are big in Europe, but hardly known here, and so Belkin has today announced its range of new PureAV Power Consoles.

Belkin Protects and Shines Your HiFi

European audiophiles swear by such devices, and Belkin has three models to choose from which are designed to remove electrical noise and provide clean power to all connected components.

These are:
· PureAV Home Theatre Power Console PF30 (AP20700au3M) - $599.95 RRP
· PureAV Home Theatre Power Console PF40 (AP21300au3M) - $999.95 RRP
· PureAV Home Theatre Power Console PF60 (AP41300au3M) - $1299.95 RRP

Electrical motors and supplies -- such as used in washing machines, fridges and computers -- are the most likely to generate electrical noise, which can interfere with your TV picture and home cinema sound.

PureAV Home Theatre Power Consoles are designed to condition this interference, along with other power disturbances, in order to provide you with a better cinema experience.

As well, they offer advanced power protection from electrical surges and spikes which can permanently damage your equipment.

The brushed aluminium consoles are designed to complement your existing system, while also providing cable management.

Belkin offers the same 'Lifetime Warranty and Connected Equipment Warranty' as its SurgeMaster line of power protection products, which Belkin claims is the highest in the business as further insurance for setup.

The consoles will be on display at the CEDIA Expo 2006 at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre, July 27-29.

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