Sony Drops MiniDisc WalkMan But Still Clings To CDs

Written by Tony Ibrahim     08/07/2011 | 01:43 | Category: CD PLAYERS & RECORDERS

Sony Corp has decided to stop shipping its portable MiniDisk Walkmans come September.

Sony Drops MiniDisc WalkMan But Still Clings To CDs

With diminishing demand and Sony's decision to stop production of its Walkman cassette players last year, the shift from dedicated audio hardware to digital mp3 tracks continues.

The MiniDisk catridge consists of optical disc technology with diameter of 6.4cm, resembling a half sized CD.

 Added to Sony's Walkman line up in 1992, the cartridge's size made them a convenient alternative to the DiscMan. Since then, reports the company has sold 22 million MiniDisk units.

Discontinuing production of the product, when retailers sell out their stock levels they will not be replenished.
Despite the MiniDisks player's end, the actual MiniDisc cartridges will still be available, along with stereos that are capable of MiniDisk playback.