Yamaha's Network Player: Think Quality, Wireless + Smartphones

Written by Tony Ibrahim     07/01/2013 | 00:30 | Category: CD PLAYERS & RECORDERS

Yamaha has made it easier to unify your home network library with their new CD-N500 CD Network player; a network player compatible with high quality audio formats and distinguished by an on-board CD disk drive.


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Although most people store their music on hard drives, file formats such as MP3 reduces the file's size at the expense of sound quality. Yamaha's CD-N500 is compatible with the common compressed formats, in addition to high resolution formats such as FLAC (24-bit/192kHz) and Apple lossless. It'll also stream these formats wirelessly from computers and Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices.

True sound aficionados will appreciate how Yamaha has preserved sound integrity through their diligent wiring. The CD-N500 boasts a symmetrical design for maximum channel separation, uses the shortest possible circuit path in an effort to reduce signal loss and includes a Pure Direct mode for CD playback, which bypasses all non-essential circuitry.

Smartphones can take advantage of the CD-N500's premium sound technology. Android and iOS devices can download the free NP controller app to access the music stored on their network wirelessly and navigate internet radio stations easily. Additionally, if you plug your smartphone/mp3 player into the front USB port, the CD-N500's 32-bit/192kHz Burr-Brown DAC is used instead.

Yamaha's CD-N500 is available now in Black or 'retro-themed' silver for RRP$799.