Digital Radio Listener Numbers Continue To Climb

Written by Martin Kovacs     17/11/2014 | 20:01 | Category: DIGITAL RADIO

New figures released today by Commercial Radio Australia (CRA) show three million people are now tuning in weekly to DAB+ digital radio.

Digital Radio Listener Numbers Continue To ClimbThe GfK figures "show listening and sales of digital radios continue to outperform expectations", CRA stated, with over 23 per cent of people in the five state capitals where DAB+ is available (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide) listening on a DAB+ digital radio device.

In August, CRA had reported figures of 21.4 per cent, or almost 2.8 million people tuning in each week.

Sales of DAB+ devices have now reached more than 1.7 million, while the addition of the number of vehicles sold with DAB+ brings the total number of devices in the market to almost 1.9 million.

The number of vehicle manufacturers in Australia including digital radio is growing and now stands at 20, CRA stated, up from 16 reported in August, with more than 125,000 vehicles with DAB+ having been sold.

The commercial radio industry continues to drive awareness of digital radio, and will shortly announce the launch of a digital radio Christmas campaign that will play across 42 metropolitan commercial radio stations, CRA further stated.

"Reaching three million listeners on DAB+ is an outstanding result and listeners will continue to grow, particularly when DAB+ is available throughout other regions in Australia," CRA chief executive officer Joan Warner commented.