Denon + Marantz To Add 3D Audio Format To Select Receivers

Written by David Richards     20/10/2014 | 07:36 | Category: RECEIVERS

Denon and Marantz have said that they will add three-dimensional audio format Auro-3D to select receivers of both brands later this year.

Denon + Marantz To Add 3D Audio Format To Select Receivers
The upgrade will arrive in December for the AVR-X5200W and the AVR-X4100W models, which will arrive via a paid firmware upgrade. 

"We are proud that our customers will be able to upgrade their A/V receivers to incorporate Auro-3D  as an additional feature",   Yoshinori Yamada, global business team leader audio and video at D+M Group, said as part of the announcement.

 "It demonstrates our constant ambition to offer brand new technologies to existing products, adding value for the proud owner as well."

At the recent CEDIA show in the USA Dolby stole the show with an impressive Dolby Atmos demonstration.

The Dolby Atmos was introduced into cinemas in June 2012, but just two years later, the format is already being rolled out to a number of different receivers, preamp/processors and speakers. Dolby Atmos provides a more immersive movie viewing experience by adding height speakers in addition to standard surround sound.

D&M Holdings had quite a few Atmos-compatible products on display including Denon and Marantz receivers and a Marantz preamp/processor, all of which are set to go on sale in Australia.