New Bryston Digital Music Player + Asynchronous USB Computer

Written by Andrew Everard     12/02/2015 | 00:00 | Category: RECEIVERS

Thinking of storing for music library on a computer and then streaming it to your speakers? Read the European magazines, and you might think the only way is with a NAS drive full of music, and a dedicated network music player; turn your attention to the USA and it's clear that the 'Macs and DACs' set-up, with a computer running via USB to a dedicated converter, is in favour.

New Bryston Digital Music Player +  Asynchronous USB Computer

Bryston is Canadian, so of course it does things its own way: its digital offering is based around the combination of the BDP-2 digital music player and the BDA-2 DAC. Yes, the BDA-2 DAC has an asynchronous USB computer input, plus seven more digital ins, but it really comes into its own when you combine it with the innovative BDP-2, able to play from just abut every digital source going. 

The BDP-2 will connect to a home network to play, but you can plug an eSATA hard drives directly to it. If your music is on USB hard drives, or a clutter of USB memory keys, it'll handle those, too: it has six USB inputs - two on the front, four on the back!

As well as playing from all those connected devices, it can also act as a UPnP/DLNA server, making the content on those drives available to other network players, and the whole plot can be controlled by apps running on iOS or Android smartphones and tablets, or using a PC. Yes, it's that flexible! 

Bryston built its reputation on amplifiers, and the 28BSST2 is its flagship model, a massive - in every sense - monobloc power amp delivering 1kW to your speakers. Designed with hand-selected components throughout, this amp is designed to deliver an ideal power curve whether noodling in the background or unleashing all that power, while keeping its cool: the Bryston engineers have designed a monster amp without the need for noisy cooling fans. It's all done with skilled layout and clever convection. 

Reassuringly, all Bryston amplifiers come with a generous 20 year warranty, while the brand's digital products are covered by a 5 year warranty. So there's no good reason not to relax and enjoy.