New Loewe Connect TVs Masters Of Video Streaming And Archiving

Written by Peter Familiari     03/09/2015 | 00:00 | Category: RECEIVERS

TVs these days inhabit the same monotonous flatland. You could be forgiven they all look the same until you cross paths with Loewe's new Connect range.

New Loewe Connect TVs Masters Of Video Streaming And Archiving

The new Ultra-HD TVs look alluring and are a testament to German design wizardry. A talent that extends beyond the Connect TV's stunning aesthetics to an abundance of contemporary features and riveting picture quality.


Loewe TVs always draw the eyes in a store thanks to natural colours, abundance of detail and negligible level of distortion.


The three new sets offer quality conscious consumers screen sizes measuring 40, 48 and 55-inches.


They're as clever as they are sleek allowing you to watch one channel while following another appearing as a picture-in-picture frame and recording a third TV program to the set's integrated 1 terabyte hard disc recorder. Nice.


Even better, you can do this and much more thanks to Loewe's unique and intuitive Mobile Recording feature that allows users to program the Connect TVs using the Loewe Smart Assist App for Android and iOS devices.


Touching a button ensures the Loewe MyTVmove feature starts streaming the current TV program or one on an alternate channel to a portable device. The Digital Media Renderer enables you to stream to the TVS from smart devices.


The Connect Range TVs have an abundance of input connections including HDMI 2.0, HDCP 2.2 and HEVC.


Sound quality is commensurate with the picture quality and Loewe has managed to fit an audio system with 2X40 watts output into each of the slim, new Connect TVs. The new sets are available in Chrome Silver and Black.


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