Apple Stores To Sell Sonos Network Audio Gear

Written by David Richards     27/09/2016 | 10:55 | Category: SPEAKERS

Sonos who started life in Australia selling via specialist Hi Fi dealers and then mass retail stores has now cut a deal with Apple to range their network Hi Fi gear in Apple stores.

Apple Stores To Sell Sonos Network Audio Gear
The Sonos range of 16Bit network speakers will be available at 22 Apple stores in Australia from the 5th of October. Pricing at Apple stores has not been announced. 

Perhaps the key takeaway from Apple's most recent keynote was the company's proclamation that wired audio should be consigned to history.

The 3.5mm jack is gone from the iPhone 7 with Apple stating in no uncertain terms it was time for the century-old technology to be buried under the weight of progress.

The partnership will expand to 'most markets' in the coming weeks, the firm says.